Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dreams and Goals

Last day of 2012 - and our 29th wedding anniversary! Love is a wonderful thing - it thrives on love. (Love you, honey! :)
I set a couple of goals at beginning of the year - to publish Crystal Warrior and get a handle on social media! To my great surprise I achieved them both - sorta! Crystal Warrior is available on Amazon though it's now titled "Through All Eternity' and I've gained a pretty sloppy sort of handle on Twitter and FB - sloppy cos I still get confused by how they work and what I should be doing! I also started a blog ...!
Better start thinking about my goals for 2013 - the next 'handle' I need to get is why one writes one's stuff in a blog and expects other people to want to read it! I also intend to publish 3 contemporaries I have tucked away in my pc, and finish Crystal Dancer and publish that too by the middle of the year.
What are your dreams for 2013? Do you want them enough to manifest them? Race ya!!!
 Remember - The success of goal-setting depends on how badly you want the dream.
So set goals that are really important to you. Success breeds success.
Have an awesome 2013.