Friday, 4 September 2015

Words - and Re-Branding

'A day without words, written or read,
Is like a night without stars, or hunger unfed.'
Jen YatesNZ

Even as a teacher my passion was reading and writing. Teaching maths was just a necessary chore.
This morning I received a brief message from an ex-pupil which touched me in the core passion of both my careers. 

He said (Yes! HE!):-

'Hey I just finished your book it was awesome why are you not famous yet Mrs Yates? (His partner) loved it too it was her first read. She had never finished a book before your one! '

After explaining to him I don't have the marketing genius that launched '50 Shades of Grey' and grinning at his suggestion I re-brand myself as JK Rowling-Yates, I'm sitting here smiling and thinking how cool it is that we have words with which to communicate and that those I have dared to share with the world have been appreciated.

Which leads me nicely onto the topic of Re-Branding.

Apparently there are a lot of Jennifer Yates's in the world, along with all the varied abbreviations. No surprise therefore, to find another Jen Yates publishing books on Amazon. My books appear among hers. She writes funny books about cake decorating gone wrong, has published more books than I have and her author page shows up rather than mine. I thought it might be a good thing for both of us if I found some way of differentiating myself from her.
So I have re-branded myself as Jen YatesNZ. Now I show up separately on Amazon, along with my own author page which is great. And all my books are shown as written by Jen YatesNZ. But the re-branding will take time to filter through to other social media sites because, despite making great technological strides, I am still somewhat technologically challenged!.
Here are the links to both my Author Pages on Amazon.

Immediately we have an instance where I haven't a clue! Amazon allowed me to change the name of my Author Page to match up with my books but that doesn't actually show in the URL. Ah well!