Sunday, 25 December 2016

Time to Spare; A Birthday; the Love of my Life; and a Chair!

Time to Spare; A Birthday; the Love of my Life; and a Chair!
I love chairs – generally of the antique kind. Our conversations about chairs generally go like this’
Me: ‘Look at that gorgeous chair!’
Usually, I’m not allowed to say much more than that!
TLomLife: ‘We have nowhere to put it. You have to get rid of one before you can get another.’
Over a year ago we got rid of the two lazyboys that went with the lounge suite. They were over 30 years old and had been sat in until they were no longer comfortable and would no longer do the ‘lazyboy’ thing without a lot of cajoling and a fair amount of physicality to restore them to ‘just a chair’ status.
And they were brown. Not my favourite colour. Not sure why we bought brown in the first place – but it was 30-plus-some years ago and we were newly-weds, so who knows what we were thinking then!
Even before we got rid of them we’d been haphazardly looking at the modern type of leather-look recliners that have a footstool to match. I always maintained I wanted a red one and we never found one that was a reasonable price (according to us!) We don’t do elaborate Xmas presents, or even birthday presents, these days. If we need/want something we will get it regardless of when it is – instead of just thinking up something to buy because it’s our birthday.
Four days before my birthday – which falls on Xmas eve and is often swallowed up in the mad rush of preparation for the next ‘Much More Important Day’, we were in Te Awamutu with time to kill between haircut appointments and going to a Xmas party at a friend’s. So we wandered in aimless fashion in and out of shops, no goal in mind.
Our wanderings took us into a furniture shop to look at the bedroom furniture because, like the lounge suite, our current bedroom suite is older than our marriage and we’d been discussing that maybe it’s about time we upgraded!
Bedroom furniture was upstairs so we browsed about the dining and lounge furniture downstairs – cos me and my knee have to think quite hard about climbing stairs.
And there was a leather-look recliner with matching footstool.
With a look of smug comfort from his seat in this chair, TLomLife said, ‘I’d buy you this for your birthday if it was red.’
‘Would you?’ I said. ‘Awww, that’s nice!’
We wandered on towards the back of the shop and there it was – in all it’s red glory. Goodness knows why we didn’t see it straight away, cos it doesn’t get much more red!
It did a happy dance, said quite loudly that it was coming home with us – and who were we to argue?

Thank you. I love my new chair. I now have a new favourite reading place!