Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Writer's Dilemma - and a New Release!

'To write or to market on social media, that is the question!' And yes it is a dilemma because I can't seem to do much of the other if I am doing the first, and vice versa.So I lurch about between the two, either losing myself in the angst and passion of a new scene or in the absolute frustration of trying to become a social media guru.
I guess at least I can take comfort from the fact I have come a long way from the technophobe who just used to throw her hands in the air and storm back to her corner with an A4 Subject book and a pen where she could at least understand and control the words on the page.
All that aside, I have just published another book, the first of my Regency Era Historicals. There are four books in the first series, 'Lords of the Matrix Club.' Book 1. 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife' is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Release date 11th May 2016. Here is the link.
Warning: These are stories of Lords with darkness in their souls and the women who help them find the light. They are sexy, occasionally verging on erotic. You will find profanities where I deemed it likely they would definitely have been used in the powerful emotion of the moment.

Below are a couple of snippets to give you a hint:

Rogan Wyldefell, the Earl of Windermere, had been damaged beyond repair when it came to the intimacies between a man and a woman and he’d vowed never to subject Jassie to that, no matter how his soul hungered for her. She should’ve been his wife long since and a wave of bitterness engulfed him, knowing he could never realize that dream. His only consolation was she’d never accepted any other. He’d not been fair to her, but God help him, if her friendship was all he could ever have, he’d crawl on his belly through acres of enemy infested territory to be with her.

. ‘How long was I supposed to wait? Until we are both old and wrinkled and past caring! I wanted to know! I so longed to know—just once—.’ Jassie cried.

'So within marriage you’re free to seduce him any way you will. But you must consider that if you entice him into your bed, will it be what you want after all? Do you have any idea of what you’re facing, what darkness festers in Windermere’s soul?’

Saturday, 16 April 2016

CRYSTAL WARRIOR by Jen YatesNZ. Gut-punched, all he could think was `we've already met and her name is Gina' and he couldn't say that because they all knew they hadn't.Yet he'd stake his life he knew her as intimately as he knew himself, that they were as cosmically matched as clouds to sky.

CRYSTAL WARRIOR - by Jen YatesNZ - 1st of 2 books in the 'Crystal Saga'.
"The Warrior Lord, greatest of all the Sons of the Dragon."
Recognition was soul deep, elemental, and centuries old.
But surely, if she'd ever met this lethal weapon carved from flesh and bone she'd not have forgotten.
A woman didn't forget six feet four inches of tanned, muscular, male potency, with eyes that seared to the bone.
Eyes that burned with a deeply accusing ancient knowing.

Friday, 15 April 2016

CRYSTAL DANCER - Sequel to Crystal Warrior  - Jen YatesNZ
'She belonged to him. His blood surged, his body burned and his mind screamed for her. He knew, even though he slept, he knew she was of the substance of ghosts, but the invisible barrier he would find between them would have the permeability of hardened glass'.