Sunday, 24 December 2017

Santa Was Running Late in Piopio, NZ!

Pohutukawa - NZ Christmas Tree.
It's Christmas morning in Piopio. But some things have to go on just like any other day. So a little before seven - to beat the heat of the sun already well above the horizon - I set out for my daily walk round the village. Piopio is a small blip roughly halfway on State Highway 3 between Hamilton and New Plymouth. Usually the road is busy with trucks and passing traffic.
This morning it was eerily quiet. Wondrously peaceful after the non-stop lines of cars, motorhomes, caravans, boats etc heading off for their summer holidays.
A lone motorbike came over the rise in the centre of town, one of those small ones that sound a bit like a lawnmower. He was zipping along as if in a hurry and with a purpose. Then I noticed he was dressed all in red, including the red hat and flowing white cottonwool beard! I thought perhaps he was on a mission to some local house but he carried on through, revving it up and that beard taking a beating from the wind!
Day Lily from bed at north end of Piopio.
He must have been running awfully late for his last delivery and had to abandon the reindeer - unless they'd gone on strike come sun up!
Hope he made it in time before the kids woke in a panic because Santa hadn't been!
I also hope he made it safely, though I have less hope for that cottonwool beard!
He was past before I thought to take a photo. Quite made my morning.
One of those images that stay in your mind.
Like the day I was driving back from Te Pahu on Boxing Day and passed a chap all decked out in a Tyrolean outfit and riding a penny-farthing bicycle!
 I didn't get a photo of that either!
Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Magical Coromandel Revisited

Coromandel is ever on my mind this time of the year. The Pohutukawa will be in bloom - which is about the only thing about Christmas that excites me.
(Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who are always muttering, 'What! We've only just done Xmas!' )
As you will know from other posts, I dream of being 'up the Peninsula' when the trees are in full bloom, which is pretty much right at Christmas. Usually we go around New Year which is already too late.
This year I had an opportunity to go earlier, though as it turns out, probably too early! But the magic was happening just the same.
I spent a couple of nights in Thames and on Sunday morning about 9am Jaci and I set off for Coromandel with our cameras, a journey of 54km which should take about an hour.

It took us four hours! And though my dream of seeing whole hillsides aflame with colour didn't actually eventuate it was spiritually refreshing just the same. There were drifts of colour like paint splashes across the masses of dark green foliage and for the first time, I noticed several of the yellow flowering variety growing naturally up the hills. They are not so spectacular, but beautiful nevertheless.

 A ramble on the stony treasure beach at Waiomu was rewarding as always. You can often find crystal points and even the odd Maori artefact among the rocks which rumble down from the hills. But our most significant find this time was this face on a rock. At a glance it looks as if someone has painted or carved the features on it, but in fact they are intrinsic to the rock.
No trip to Coromandel is complete without a nosh and coffee at Driving Creek cafe. I think it's had a change of ownership this year but it's still vegetarian and still has a natural wilderness feel about it. This bowl of Kaffir Lime rice with pickled beetroot, carrot and apple salad, lettuce and falafel dressed with a nasturtium flower was almost too pretty to eat. It was as delicious as it looked.

 Am home again now, feeling renewed and ready to write the last chapters of 'Her Dark Lord', Book 4 in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series. I need to get into it if I'm to reach my goal to have the first draft completed by Christmas!

I hope 2017 has been kind to you and that 2018 is filled with blessings.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I Won!

November has been a month of concerted writing effort. Along with thousands of writers worldwide, I have participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge to write 50,000 words for the 30 days of November. I reached that target last night!
If you're wondering, that's the size of a Mills & Boon romance. My books tend to be 100,000 words so this gets the first draft half written in a month. And since I already had 30,000 words written at the start I now have 80,000 and need to wrap the story up in another 20,000. Doable before Xmas, I reckon, if I just keep up the momentum and routine of NaNo!
One of the great things about NaNo is the support and encouragement of other writers also doing the challenge. This will carry on after November to keep us all inspired and focused on our goals.
Thank you, Romance Writers of NZ C2C Chapter! You are the best!
Congratulations to all who accepted the challenge and have already achieved the goal and to those who will achieve it before the deadline, midnight tomorrow!
If you started and life got in the way, all new words are a bonus! Life is pretty much all about 'timing', and when the timing is right, the words will flow! And there's always the April challenge!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Magic of Coromandel

What is your magic place? Do you have a place you go, even in your imagination if you are too busy to go physically, to rest the body and replenish the spirit?
Mine is Coromandel. I often post about it and the beautiful pohutukawa trees that cover the hillsides, line the roads and hang over the sea from perilous rocky anchorages.
Most of the year they are a uniform sea of dark green, and silver from the undersides of the leaves. Come November, more silver appears with the flower buds and then comes the burst of glorious colour, different shades of red.
My favourite is the deep crimson and this morning a friend sent me a photo of the first one spotted in flower by her visitors from Canada. I imagine they were as appreciative as I am of the magnificent display.
We usually make our annual trip up the Peninsula around New Year by which time the edges of the road are still lined with ribbons of withered red stamens and a few last trees are still in flower. I have yet to make a trip during full bloom.
Perhaps this year?

Monday, 30 October 2017

What's in a Title?

What’s in a Title?

Sometimes a title can cause more cogitation than the rest of the book. Sometimes the title arrives first and drives the story.
I have to have a title right from the start, even if it's only a working title.

Bk.1. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife' - a bit of a mouthful! Originally I thought it only the working title, believing a better, catchier handle would make itself known before I'd finished writing the book.
Apart from the fact nothing better came to light, I read somewhere that the busy modern reader doesn't have time to read a lengthy blurb to find what the book is about and the title should encapsulate this. 
'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife' did that, for the Earl had no intention of ever doing that one thing! Sexually abused and psychologically damaged as a young man, he considered he could never be husband to the genteelly raised woman he'd loved all his life. Miss Jassie Carlisle was twenty-five before she decided to take matters into her own hands and though marriage was not actually what she'd been angling for the outcome meant Windermere's honor forced them to the altar.
That being the case, Jassie would accept nothing less than a proper marriage—for her love was unconditional and he would eventually come to understand and accept that too.
‘An Unconditional Love’ could have been the title, but didn’t give a feeling of the genre or the era. But it’s a great Tagline.

Bk.2. ‘The Perfect Duchess’ began with a working title of ‘Marked for the Duke’. In the eyes of the ton Lady Sherida Dearing was the epitome of the perfect duchess, an exquisitely beautiful and elegant blonde with a persona that had earned her the nickname ‘Heavenly Iceberg’.
She also had a reputation for turning away would-be suitors as soon as they showed an interest. But Lady Sheri had two secrets—that she knew about. (The other was known only to her mother.) The first was that she’d loved the Duke of Wolverton since the night of her come-out ball and before he’d become the Duke, and she’d long since determined she’d remain single rather than settle for second best.
The Duke however, loved Lady Jassie from Bk.1. and had been instrumental in helping the Windermere’s overcome their problems. A true hero, in fact.
Sheri’s second secret was the birthmark across her chest which made her anything but perfect, a fact known only to her mother and her maid. If her dream were to be fulfilled and the Duke asked her to be his wife, would the sight of her naked imperfection disgust him? Could he ever come to love an imperfect perfect duchess?
The issue of her perfection (or not!) became the driving force of the book, hence the title showed itself quite clearly.
As did the Tagline – ‘An Imperfect Perfect Duchess’.

Bk.3. ‘The Virgin Widow’ started as several variations on ‘An Angel for Hades’.
Lady Angela Jane Rotherby was the widow of a much older man who’d married her to keep her from being forced by her father into accepting a very undesirable husband. The moment I realized Lady Jane (as she preferred to be called) was still a virgin, the title was obvious.
It took Lord Haden (Hades) Baxendene a little longer than it took me to discover the real reason a thirty year old widow was reluctant to play the games with him every other widow was clamoring to play.
I’m not sure about the Tagline for this one – something about ‘The Masks Behind Which People Live’ perhaps. Or ‘All Is Not As It seems’!
Lord Baxendene had a few shocking secrets to learn about other people he loved and believed in as well, which forced him to realize he wasn’t the man he’d always believed himself to be either.

I’m now writing Bk.4. in the series, Lord Knightsborough’s (a.k.a. ‘Knight’) story. He’s a dark, broody character and I really wanted to call this one ‘The Dark Knight’, for it appeals to my love of plays on words.
But sadly, that title evokes another era and genre entirely. I didn’t want to mislead my readers. So it is ‘The Dark Lord’. I am well into it now and no other title is presenting itself.
‘The Dark Lord’ feels as if it has simply settled in.
Now to discover the elusive Tagline – something about a ‘light in the darkness’.
The heroine, an ‘Original’ in Regency terms, arrives at his door gun-in-hand and dressed in male attire, so this might give a hint as to where the ‘light’ comes from!
She is certainly blasting Knight out of the ever-deepening gloom into which he’s been sinking of late.

This guy seemed to epitomize Knight for me so I borrowed his picture from the internet to use as inspiration. I’m sharing him as I don’t have the cover for this book yet.

Follow this link to find Jen YatesNZ's books on Amazon.

Friday, 27 October 2017


Techno stuff! The greatest frustration of modern times! Wonder what it will be 50 years on? Guess I won't be alive to see!
I was very pleased with retrieving my blog from cyberspace. Now I have lost one of my emails No use sending me anything on it at the moment because I can't access it! The blog episode turned out to be something to do with settings in Google Chrome/+/something and I guess this is similar. I just can't track it!
So even if RNC have sent me the preliminaries of my lovely new book cover I can't retrieve their email. I shall have to ask them to resend on my other email.
If I spent the time writing that I waste on trying to solve techno problems I'd have twice as many books written!
Yesterday we decided to go roaming. We drove out to Waitomo, back through Bodies Road onto the Oparure Road, over the Pomerangi's to Marokopa. Have done it before and really didn't intend to drive it again. 'Over the Pomerangi's' is a euphemism for 'going by goat track'! One lane wide - or less in some places! - and constant winding in and out on gravel road - where the gravel hadn't washed off in the winter rains that seemed to be non-stop. The upside is we never met another vehicle.
I took lots of photos and will share some of them at a later date.
One photo that I found quite inspiring seems to fit today's blog! A punga frond, growing strong and healthy out of mud and rubble from a slip that had buried it.
I too shall not be daunted by the bog of technology!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Hullo Blog! It's been a while because I did something that locked me out! Finally, after two months I have sorted it and I'm back! What a relief.
I have been writing hard out on Bk.4. in 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series and have just purchased the cover from The cover reveal will come later as I don't yet have the finished product.
Meanwhile, the first three books are selling well and slowly building up their reviews.
Here's the latest one, for Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess.'

Bynanalanabon October 25, 2017

Good Lord, I read a lot of books, but never have I read one like this (except the first in the Matrix Series). I think this book is well written & compelling. I became immersed in the characters & hoped they would find their way to one another in the end. If you like your historical romances sweet & clean , this read isn’t for you. If you like your romances with twists, humor & spice with a fierce love between characters; this read is for you. I am going to go purchase Book 3 now, The Virgin Widow!

This author is feeling very grateful - a 5 star review and I'm back in my blog!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lunch Date

It felt like the first day of Spring, warm and sunny after a frost. A glorious day to play hooky.  So between getting a windscreen chip fixed on 'Blue Thunder' (Mazda 2 - LoL) and doing the weekly grocery shop, DB and I decided to drive out to Waitomo for lunch at Huhu Restaurant. It's named for the huhu grub, a Maori delicacy not actually available on the menu. Apparently, roasted they taste like peanut butter. Here are photos of a grub and a beetle I borrowed from the Internet.

DB has an issue with taking photos of food but he managed to smile (weakly) while I photographed what I did order from the menu - Beetroot & Orange Cured Ora King Salmon, Celeriac & Sour Cream Salad, Beetroot Relish. 
An excellent choice.
We dined out on the deck where we could soak up the sunshine and the view of the Waitomo Valley with the iconic Caves Hotel on the far ridge. One of NZ's major tourist attractions, the Valley was still delightfully peaceful - and rural.

The grocery shopping was so much less mundane thereafter!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Is Pop-Fiction Serious Literature?

I met a woman recently who is writing a Psychological Self-help book. For a while I allowed myself to be blinded by the worthiness of such an intellectual endeavour. I write Sexy Romance set in the Regency era and it seemed frivolous by comparison.
I have just returned from Romance Writers of NZ Conference 2017 where the keynote speaker, Christie Craig (aka C.C.Hunter) reminded us that no matter who you are, rich or poor, lord or peasant, man or woman, president or criminal, when you are on your deathbed the only thing that will matter is love; those you love and who love you.
Romance novels are an endless source of love and relationship Self-help. Men can learn how women think and what they want. Women can learn the same of men. You can study the interaction of different personalities; how to compromise, and what love really means.
Romance novels are also a source of hope and inspiration. Stressed? Read a good romance and see if you don't feel better and more empowered when it comes to that satisfactory conclusion.
Sexy romance novels are an entertaining and natural way to learn about sexual technique - within a loving relationship.
My characters often seem to have sexual issues to overcome and since a romance novel must come to a happy and satisfactory conclusion, these issues must be resolved by the end of the book. Therefore, reading the books may help people with similar issues in their own lives; give them hope.
I do believe I write 'Psychological Self-help books.'
In an entertaining way!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Writing Process.

'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is available for pre-order now.
It will download to your Kindle in a couple of days!!!
Here is the link:
If you read Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess' and fell in love with that scoundrel, the Great Bax, 'The Virgin Widow' is his story.
Bk.1. 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife', has turned out to be mildly controversial, with it's damaged hero and determined heroine.

Bk.4. is under way. The working title is 'The Dark Lord', but this may change during the writing.
'The Perfect Duchess' started out as 'Marked for the Duke', but the true title became obvious by about the 4th time Lady Sherida's 'perfect duchess' potential was mentioned.
Bk.4. is Knight's story, Lord Ajax Beresford, Earl of Knightsborough.

By Bk.3. of this series, and with several others also published, I thought I'd finally worked out how I write. I wrote the first chapter, then plotted the rest of the book, scene by scene in note form. Then I just set to and wrote the book, scene by scene. So easy and even fun.

Bk.4. is proving to be quite different. I'm seeing the scenes, one at a time (usually while I'm in the shower! Wish we had solar hot water!) and I find myself writing them in full before I can move onto the next. Why aren't the scenes just as obvious as they were in Bk.3?

Then I realised that perhaps the characters themselves have something to do with that. The Virgin Widow, Lady Jane Rotherby, is a delightful 'Lady of the Manor' style character with an embarrassing secret. It's the only subterfuge about her. As for the Great Bax, it was no secret what he wanted - from the moment he set eyes on 'Angular Jane' again for the first time in 15 years. They were open, fun-loving characters who both desperately wanted to get hot and steamy with each other.
They were uncomplicated.  Jane's virginity was the main sticking point, though Bax had some life-changing family secrets to discover.

Lord Knightsborough, on the other hand, is a deep, dark character who is all about keeping control of his emotions and not letting any woman emotionally close, while Lady Penelope Grantwood is a feisty, fiercely independent woman, determined that no man shall control her ever again! Knight, in particular, gives little away. He likes his women submissive and willing to be bound so they cannot touch him or compromise his control in any way.

But she stirs him as no woman has in a long time, maybe ever. There is not a submissive bone in Lady Penny's body - and she's very handy with a gun!
These two are revealing their story in a very different way to previous ones, and I'm finding it intriguing. Hopefully, readers will find it so,  as well.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Up-Date on 'The Virgin Widow' (see 'Secrets' 14.6.2017)

'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is available for pre-order now.
It will download to your Kindle on 12th August - giving me time to check those last edits.
Here is the link:
If you read Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess' and fell in love with that scoundrel, the Great Bax, 'The Virgin Widow' is his story.

Of Writing - And Reviews

I'm not a prolific blogger, probably because I'd much rather be writing about the fictitious characters in my head who become so real their stories just have to be told.
Like 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife.'
Book.1. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club, series. 
(It's FREE at the moment. Last day today so if you hurry you could still get lucky!)
I became very involved with the main characters in this story and put a lot of thought into solving their dilemma. It has become one of those stories readers either love or hate as can be seen from the reviews - and I totally understand both points of view. After all the H hated himself for most of the story! 
Of course, the reviews close to my heart are those who understand the era and its limitations, (no psychotherapists etc!) who also believe in the power of love and understand the strength required not to give in at the first hurdle.

This latest review is one of those and I felt the desire to share. Because I'm grateful someone else understood my characters like I did - and cared enough to share their thoughts.

Customer Review

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint of heartJuly 16, 2017
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife (Lords of the Matrix Club Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Good Lord, I read a lot of books, but never have I read one like this. I see a lot of poor reviews but I think that’s because this book is so well written and compelling you can’t help but hate the H at times. I became immersed in the characters and wondered how it could possibly be resolved in an age of so little knowledge of mental health issues. If you like your historical romances sweet, clean, and tidy, this read isn’t for you. If you like your romances with twists and turns and don't mind shocking and at times upsetting novels with a fierce love between characters and well edited, then try this one out. No cliffhanger. Now I’m off to purchase the Duke’s story, “The Perfect Duchess”. Loved his character!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I love my writer's life, but SOMETIMES I wish I'd make it easier on myself. I write long books, finished length 100,000 words, so they take a while. And then a bit longer because I always over-write and then have to edit, which I consider a good thing as it tightens the writing.
This is the stage I'm at with Bk.3. in 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series. I wrote 'The End' for 'The Virgin Widow' at almost 118,000 words. Only 18,000 to trim!
This morning I've got it down to under 5000 and starting to really have to work at it, but still know I will do it.
Was thinking about it in the shower, getting a little bit excited for 'The End' is truly in sight, when a sneaky little voice in the back of my mind started questioning the motivation for a major plot point.
In zero seconds flat the whole scenario was crystal clear - and I have some re-writing to do...
Have you noticed what an inspirational place the shower is?
It is coming, peeps! I promise those of you hanging out for the Great Bax's story, it is nearly there.
The lovely scoundrel discovers he's lived his whole life a victim of secrets. Several!
Guess he just turned the tables on me. So glad this particular secret was revealed - to me - before I published it!
Here's a sneak-peek at the cover.

Monday, 10 April 2017

'Fred Dagg', a NZ icon has died. His humour was Kiwi through and through and he has left us with some colloquialisms all our own! 'the Trevs' meaning the guys/blokes/fellows etc - many of whom are called Trev, I guess!
And he made gumboots a national icon, for sure. In UK they're called wellingtons/wellies, I think. In NZ they're called gumboots because they were essential wear in the gumfields of Northland in the 1800's when the gumdiggers hunted for kauri gum in the swamps where the ancient trees had fallen.
Gumboots are also a fact of farming life and NZ is all about farming so you will find a line of gumboots at most people's backdoors!
Fred Dagg (true name John Clarke) recorded the Gumboot Song, which I think became much better known even than the National Anthem. Link below.
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Fred Dagg:-Fred Dagg is a fictional character from New Zealand created and acted on stage, film and television by satirist John Clarke. Clarke graced New Zealand TV screens as Dagg during the mid to late 1970s, "taking the piss" out of the post-pioneering Kiwi bloke and "blokesses". The Fred Dagg character is a stereotypical farmer and New Zealand bloke: Clad in a black singlet and gumboots, hailing from the isolated rural town of Taihape, and attended by numerous associates (or sons) all named "Trev". One memorable expression was uttered whenever there was a knock at the door: "That'll be the door."When Clarke first unveiled the character of Fred Dagg in recordings and on New Zealand TV in 1975, he became a national star. Clarke also recorded a series of records and cassettes as Dagg, as well as publishing several books.
In 1979, Clarke moved from New Zealand to Australia, where he went on to establish himself as a top script writer and personality. He appeared regularly on Australian television delivering political satire sketches with actor comedian Bryan Dawe until his death in April 2017.[1]
Image result for taihape gumboot sculpture
Corrugated iron gumboot sculpture in Taihape.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Saga, For Sure.

Crystal Warrior and Crystal Dancer are two books very close to my heart. I've blogged about them before.

They were begun at a time in my life when health issues forced a change of pace and direction. The writing of these books spanned a period of 15 years and a total metamorphosis of my belief system along with my view of the Universe and my place in it.

I suppose I should not be surprised the Saga goes on! The stories were based around cataclysmic world disasters, the destruction of Atlantis and Noah's Great Flood. Everyone died at the end. Seriously not romantic!

And as an author, I am all about romance and happy endings! In order to give Hero & Heroine in both stories their happy endings, I reincarnated them into 1998CE and turned the two books into what I call Past Life Travel - as opposed to Time Travel.

They became Sagas indeed, of over 300,000 words each! No traditional publisher would touch them and Indie publishing wasn't an option back then. Not to mention, the author was a technophobe.

So, not only did those books take me on a spiritual journey, they took me on a learning journey of both writing and Information Technology skills that was equally startling; from writing on an electric typewriter - amazingly advanced for one who wrote their first book on a portable Olivetti! - because computers were terrifying, to self-publishing my books on multiple platforms, and tackling Social Media with all its wonders and pitfalls.

With each new process I need to learn, I still dither, struggle and procrastinate, get sick to my stomach and close the computer to face that particular leap of faith tomorrow. But eventually, I dare, and then discover it was pretty straightforward after all!

Back to the Sagas - see how easy it was for me to write books of over 300,000 words? -
First I did an intensive edit and cut them down to just over 200,000 words each. Still too big for conventional publishers to take a punt on an unpublished author.

By the time I came to try publishing them myself about 2012, another NZ author had recently used the title, Crystal Warrior. So the 1st edition of Bk.1. became 'Through All Eternity', which never sat right with me. It was always Crystal Warrior in my heart.

The 2nd edition therefore - with a new cover - was Crystal Warrior, and the 1st edition of Crystal Dancer was published soon after. Yet, somehow not many readers were drawn to these two books, although the few who did and left me a review, rated them highly.
These reviews may be read on my website, .

Recently I attended a seminar with Joanna Penn of the 'Creative Penn' on 'How to Make a Living with your Writing' and I learned a heap more about being an Indie (independently published) author.
As a result, Crystal Warrior and Crystal Dancer are being recreated as a series of 4 books each, with each book being around 60,000 words. I had always thought that as each was one story, they could not be divided into two or more!
But when I allowed myself to do the math - divide the total word count of each book by 4 and see where they ended, I was astonished to discover that somewhere around the end of each 1/4 was a perfect ending!
The new formatting and covers for Crystal Dancer Saga are still to be completed but Crystal Warrior Saga is ready to go.

The 4 books of each Saga still need to be read in sequence, but are now in more manageable bites. I've also stepped into a new phase and published Bk.1. on multiple platforms. Will wait and see whether this is worthwhile before doing the same with the others. It's all a learning curve.

Meantime, I'm busy writing 'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in my sexy regency series, Lords of the Matrix Club. If you would like to be informed when I have a new book out, please send an email to . This will entitle you to a free .pdf of the short sequel to 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series, entitled 'The Townville Legacy-A Darkness in the Blood', or a sexy contemporary novella, 'The Winning Hand'. Please indicate which you would prefer.

Links to the New Releases:-
FORBIDDEN, Bk.1. in Crystal Warrior Saga is available at  &

 FORSAKEN, Bk.2. in Crystal Warrior Saga is available for pre-order (goes live on 28th April) at
FORSWORN, Bk.3 in Crystal Warrior Saga is available for pre-order (goes live on 28th May) at
FORGIVEN, Bk.4. in Crystal Warrior Saga will be available for pre-order at end of April, planned to go live on 28th June.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

1st Review for 'The Perfect Duchess'

Reviews are so important to an author but I have great difficulty soliciting them. But when they just appear on my book's page on Amazon, I am very happy.
When they're 5 star reviews, I'm ecstatic! I can't begin to explain the joy I feel when readers love my characters as much as I do! Sharing it here - and a big thank you to the reviewer. You know who you are. So I'd better get back to the wicked Bax and give him something he doesn't think he's looking for! I love Regency Heroes!

on February 18, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Perfect Duchess

'The Perfect Duchess' the second book in my 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is almost here! It has been available on pre-order for two weeks and goes live on 15th Feb - today in NZ but probably tomorrow in Amazon-Land! So technically it won't go live until tomorrow or tonight sometime, I guess!
I like to have model visuals for my hero and heroine when I start a new story. I guess it helps to make them more real for me. So I go trawling on the internet for images with the required characteristics. Lady Sherida Dearing - who becomes the perfect duchess - is a silver blonde with brown eyes. Katherine Heigl was the obvious choice.
I've wavered a bit with the Duke of Wolverton, however. I have a clear vision of him in my mind and both Clark Gable and David Gandy come close. In the end, I settled for a combination of Gable's class act with the edgy masculinity of Gandy.
Am very excited that my characters are making their debut in the real world (of fiction!) beyond my imagination.
You can find 'The Perfect Duchess' on Amazon -

To join my email list, receive a free copy of the short story, 'The Townville Legacy - A Darkness in the Blood' and  notification whenever a new book is published, email me at:-

Saturday, 4 February 2017

*** FREE until 5th Feb.
Get Bk.1. 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife' FREE until 5th
***Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess' available for pre-order now. Goes live on 15th Feb.

Friday, 27 January 2017

   Book 2. in The Lords of the Matrix Club' series.
Romance set in Regency era - sexy to the point of erotica - at times.
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW! Goes Live on Feb. 15th.
'The Perfect Duchess' Bk.2. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is ready for pre-order now.

'As a third son Dominic Beresford should not have been the next Duke of Wolverton, but like it or not, he’s inherited the titles and the estates, and the pressing obligations to find a wife and provide a ducal heir. His first choice of Duchess recently married his best friend so now he seeks marriage with the next most suitable candidate, longtime family friend, Lady Sherida Dearing. He has also been commissioned to locate a missing heiress as a favor to his erstwhile commander, a woman with a birthmark one cannot ask to see in polite circles.
Lady Sherida Dearing would make the perfect Duchess. She is exquisitely fair, icily regal and with an unfashionable tendency to wear high-necked gowns, she’s been dubbed the ‘Heavenly Iceberg’. Only Sheri’s maid knows the depth of her sinful imperfections and although Sheri has loved Dom since her first ball, can she marry him and keep her heart intact—and her secrets?
What the Duke of Wolverton hasn’t envisioned is exposing his own secret life as the Master of Virgins at the Matrix Club. Or that beneath the icy fa├žade of his wife he will discover that one who will cause him to forsake all others; that one who is indelibly marked for the Duke of Wolverton—that one he’s been searching for.'


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'A damaged Earl and the woman who will risk scandal for love of him.'

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Special Price for 2 Weeks.

Happy New Beginnings Everyone.

In simple numerology terms (simple cos I’m no numerologist) 2016 was a 9 year—2+0+1+6=9—therefore a year of endings and completions. This was certainly borne out by the number of doyens of the entertainment world who chose 2016 as the last year of this physical incarnation.

And yet, because of who they were and what they achieved in this lifetime, they left us a rich legacy, a huge part of themselves we can continue to enjoy and appreciate. In music, video, films, and books their energy, their presence, is still very real.

As I read the heartfelt rants on FB at each new passing (right up to the last one, Debbie Reynolds, who I will always remember in ‘Tammy’) I wanted to say, ‘Don’t begrudge them their right to move on to the next phase of their soul’s journey, just like ordinary people who have less fame and even less recorded art by which they will be remembered.’

Instead, let us give thanks they devoted their lives to creating wonderful classics of music and film that will continue to enrich humanity for generations to come. Because of today’s technology, their art need never be lost. Because of today’s technology, they continue to live among us.

2017 is a 1 year—2+0+1+7+10 and 1+0=1—a year of new beginnings.

I give thanks for all that transpired in my life through the last nine year cycle—including the births of 9 great grandchildren; the last on December 28th—and I embrace the next phase with joy, excitement and gratitude.

That last 9 year cycle was a time of defining myself as an author; finally discovering who I am and what I really love writing. Looking at my writing in 9 year episodes is quite enlightening. In the previous cycle, 1999 – 2007 I planned out 6 historical stories based on a belief in reincarnation and the effect of our past lives on our present, and completed 2 of them.

This morning I listened to a webinar by Andrrea Hess in which she talked of accessing our past lives through the Akashic Records, to look for actions/decisions/vows we made in those other lifetimes which are subconsciously affecting the decisions and choices we make in this one. It’s as if, way back then, we clicked a box in ‘Settings’ on our soul’s Facebook page, and our Soul continues to respond in the same way in similar situations until we go back into ‘Settings’ and un-click that box!

(If you want to know more about that I suggest you go to )

This webinar reminded me of those two books I wrote between 1999 and 2007.

In Crystal Warrior, Book.1. of the ‘Crystal Series’ ( ) Torr and Jenna’s previous life many millennia before during the last days of Atlantis left him with a burning question and a deep distrust. Trouble was Torr had no idea why he distrusted Jenna; he just knew she was his; they were meant to be together.

‘What did you do with Ugo? That’s what’s been gnawing at my soul for millennia! You were not only leaving me to die on my own, you only had Electra with you. Where—was—my son?’

Not until he was able to articulate that question and understand her last actions in that ancient lifetime could they fully express who they were in this lifetime and what that meant to them now. It opened the doors to healing.

Book.2. Crystal Dancer, ( ) is Ugo’s story. He survived the destruction of Atlantis by being transported 6000 years forward in time, to Egypt just before the Great Flood. In their 21st century life, Hugo and Riki fall in love, but even though their relationship is long distance and the sex, when they do meet up, is hot and steamy but never penetrative, neither of them can break away from the need for one another. It’s not until Riki uncovers the vow she made at the end of that ancient lifetime, and reverses it, that they realize her problem was way deeper seated than the brutal rape she experienced as a 12-year-old girl in her current lifetime.

These 2 stories are big books, sexy books. They may test your belief systems and stretch your imagination. They were all-consuming to write and I think they just may have been accessed through my Akashic Records. It certainly felt like I’d been there, in those very distant, mythical times.

To mark the passing of another whole 9-year cycle, I’m dropping the price of these two books to 99 cents each for a couple of weeks – from $3.99. Click on the links above.

I now write sexy romances set in the regency era of England. I don’t call them ‘regencies’ because they have a bit more of a sexy edge than one expects in a ‘regency romance’. Nor do I call them historicals as I’m not a historian, but a writer of romantic fiction. So I'll occasionally take ‘historical license’, or liberties with historical fact, and use an element not strictly historically correct—all in the interests of telling an engaging story.

Book 1 in the ‘Lords of the Matrix Club’ series, ‘The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife’ ( is available at this link.
Book 2, ‘The Perfect Duchess’ will be published very shortly.
Book.3. ‘The Virgin Widow’, is well under way also.

After posting this blog my next task is to finish a short ‘epilogue’ to the series that will be entitled something like ‘What Was the Matrix Club, Grandfather?’. (At least, that’s what I’m calling it at the moment.) It has been difficult to write, only because it has been rather emotional!

A writer spends so much time with their characters they become real people. Almost 50 years on from the original stories the four Lords are now all in their 80s, in varied states of decrepitude and all widowed—and have something like 80 descendants between them.

This short novella I will send as a free pdf to anyone who signs up for my newsletter.
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