Friday, 27 October 2017


Techno stuff! The greatest frustration of modern times! Wonder what it will be 50 years on? Guess I won't be alive to see!
I was very pleased with retrieving my blog from cyberspace. Now I have lost one of my emails No use sending me anything on it at the moment because I can't access it! The blog episode turned out to be something to do with settings in Google Chrome/+/something and I guess this is similar. I just can't track it!
So even if RNC have sent me the preliminaries of my lovely new book cover I can't retrieve their email. I shall have to ask them to resend on my other email.
If I spent the time writing that I waste on trying to solve techno problems I'd have twice as many books written!
Yesterday we decided to go roaming. We drove out to Waitomo, back through Bodies Road onto the Oparure Road, over the Pomerangi's to Marokopa. Have done it before and really didn't intend to drive it again. 'Over the Pomerangi's' is a euphemism for 'going by goat track'! One lane wide - or less in some places! - and constant winding in and out on gravel road - where the gravel hadn't washed off in the winter rains that seemed to be non-stop. The upside is we never met another vehicle.
I took lots of photos and will share some of them at a later date.
One photo that I found quite inspiring seems to fit today's blog! A punga frond, growing strong and healthy out of mud and rubble from a slip that had buried it.
I too shall not be daunted by the bog of technology!

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