Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Perfect Duchess

'The Perfect Duchess' the second book in my 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is almost here! It has been available on pre-order for two weeks and goes live on 15th Feb - today in NZ but probably tomorrow in Amazon-Land! So technically it won't go live until tomorrow or tonight sometime, I guess!
I like to have model visuals for my hero and heroine when I start a new story. I guess it helps to make them more real for me. So I go trawling on the internet for images with the required characteristics. Lady Sherida Dearing - who becomes the perfect duchess - is a silver blonde with brown eyes. Katherine Heigl was the obvious choice.
I've wavered a bit with the Duke of Wolverton, however. I have a clear vision of him in my mind and both Clark Gable and David Gandy come close. In the end, I settled for a combination of Gable's class act with the edgy masculinity of Gandy.
Am very excited that my characters are making their debut in the real world (of fiction!) beyond my imagination.
You can find 'The Perfect Duchess' on Amazon -  www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSBW42C

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