Sunday, 20 August 2017

Is Pop-Fiction Serious Literature?

I met a woman recently who is writing a Psychological Self-help book. For a while I allowed myself to be blinded by the worthiness of such an intellectual endeavour. I write Sexy Romance set in the Regency era and it seemed frivolous by comparison.
I have just returned from Romance Writers of NZ Conference 2017 where the keynote speaker, Christie Craig (aka C.C.Hunter) reminded us that no matter who you are, rich or poor, lord or peasant, man or woman, president or criminal, when you are on your deathbed the only thing that will matter is love; those you love and who love you.
Romance novels are an endless source of love and relationship Self-help. Men can learn how women think and what they want. Women can learn the same of men. You can study the interaction of different personalities; how to compromise, and what love really means.
Romance novels are also a source of hope and inspiration. Stressed? Read a good romance and see if you don't feel better and more empowered when it comes to that satisfactory conclusion.
Sexy romance novels are an entertaining and natural way to learn about sexual technique - within a loving relationship.
My characters often seem to have sexual issues to overcome and since a romance novel must come to a happy and satisfactory conclusion, these issues must be resolved by the end of the book. Therefore, reading the books may help people with similar issues in their own lives; give them hope.
I do believe I write 'Psychological Self-help books.'
In an entertaining way!

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