Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Writing Process.

'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is available for pre-order now.
It will download to your Kindle in a couple of days!!!
Here is the link:
If you read Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess' and fell in love with that scoundrel, the Great Bax, 'The Virgin Widow' is his story.
Bk.1. 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife', has turned out to be mildly controversial, with it's damaged hero and determined heroine.

Bk.4. is under way. The working title is 'The Dark Lord', but this may change during the writing.
'The Perfect Duchess' started out as 'Marked for the Duke', but the true title became obvious by about the 4th time Lady Sherida's 'perfect duchess' potential was mentioned.
Bk.4. is Knight's story, Lord Ajax Beresford, Earl of Knightsborough.

By Bk.3. of this series, and with several others also published, I thought I'd finally worked out how I write. I wrote the first chapter, then plotted the rest of the book, scene by scene in note form. Then I just set to and wrote the book, scene by scene. So easy and even fun.

Bk.4. is proving to be quite different. I'm seeing the scenes, one at a time (usually while I'm in the shower! Wish we had solar hot water!) and I find myself writing them in full before I can move onto the next. Why aren't the scenes just as obvious as they were in Bk.3?

Then I realised that perhaps the characters themselves have something to do with that. The Virgin Widow, Lady Jane Rotherby, is a delightful 'Lady of the Manor' style character with an embarrassing secret. It's the only subterfuge about her. As for the Great Bax, it was no secret what he wanted - from the moment he set eyes on 'Angular Jane' again for the first time in 15 years. They were open, fun-loving characters who both desperately wanted to get hot and steamy with each other.
They were uncomplicated.  Jane's virginity was the main sticking point, though Bax had some life-changing family secrets to discover.

Lord Knightsborough, on the other hand, is a deep, dark character who is all about keeping control of his emotions and not letting any woman emotionally close, while Lady Penelope Grantwood is a feisty, fiercely independent woman, determined that no man shall control her ever again! Knight, in particular, gives little away. He likes his women submissive and willing to be bound so they cannot touch him or compromise his control in any way.

But she stirs him as no woman has in a long time, maybe ever. There is not a submissive bone in Lady Penny's body - and she's very handy with a gun!
These two are revealing their story in a very different way to previous ones, and I'm finding it intriguing. Hopefully, readers will find it so,  as well.

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