Sunday, 24 December 2017

Santa Was Running Late in Piopio, NZ!

Pohutukawa - NZ Christmas Tree.
It's Christmas morning in Piopio. But some things have to go on just like any other day. So a little before seven - to beat the heat of the sun already well above the horizon - I set out for my daily walk round the village. Piopio is a small blip roughly halfway on State Highway 3 between Hamilton and New Plymouth. Usually the road is busy with trucks and passing traffic.
This morning it was eerily quiet. Wondrously peaceful after the non-stop lines of cars, motorhomes, caravans, boats etc heading off for their summer holidays.
A lone motorbike came over the rise in the centre of town, one of those small ones that sound a bit like a lawnmower. He was zipping along as if in a hurry and with a purpose. Then I noticed he was dressed all in red, including the red hat and flowing white cottonwool beard! I thought perhaps he was on a mission to some local house but he carried on through, revving it up and that beard taking a beating from the wind!
Day Lily from bed at north end of Piopio.
He must have been running awfully late for his last delivery and had to abandon the reindeer - unless they'd gone on strike come sun up!
Hope he made it in time before the kids woke in a panic because Santa hadn't been!
I also hope he made it safely, though I have less hope for that cottonwool beard!
He was past before I thought to take a photo. Quite made my morning.
One of those images that stay in your mind.
Like the day I was driving back from Te Pahu on Boxing Day and passed a chap all decked out in a Tyrolean outfit and riding a penny-farthing bicycle!
 I didn't get a photo of that either!
Hope you all have a great Christmas.

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  1. conjures up wonderful images! thanks for sharing, and a Happy Christmas! - Leigh