Saturday, 29 August 2015

Light Through the TechnoPhobic Clouds

Well Blog, I do remember writing to you way back at the beginning of time about being a TechnoPhobe. I was about to write happily about my progress in that particular area, but I just went looking for that old blog and couldn't find it - and was too impatient to persist.
So I guess there is still a fair amount of cloud about in the TechnoAtmosphere around here!
A bit like the weather really.
Nevertheless, I have been busy and making quite large technological steps.

My alter ego, Georgi Winchester, has three books up on Amazon and her own author page. Georgi writes Short Soft Erotic Romances.
Check her out at

As Jen YatesNZ I have recently published a Sexy Contemporary NZ Romance, 'A Deal with the Devil' and am about to publish another, 'Fallen Angel'.
Check her out at

I have also created a website which, while live, is still a work in progress.
That can be accessed at

So all in all, Blog, I am feeling a buzz of achievement, and a heart full of gratitude for my good friend, Jaci P, who has been largely instrumental in bringing sunshine through my TechnoFog.
It's only taken ?? years! (Too embarrassed to actually say how many!)


  1. Website content and blog entry are all looking excellent, MC! We've both very lucky to have had JaciP as our 'number one' supporter; and the provider of many answers 'techo & editorial based' - we've always been blessed to have had her unwavering help and support whenever we've asked for it; so very grateful to have both of you in my life! Good luck with the website and upcoming next book - Fallen Angel - which is about to go 'live' too.

    1. Thank you GeeA. Yes, the blessings of this 'Writer's Journey' are many! How bland my life would be otherwise, I can't help thinking.