Monday, 14 December 2015

Atlantean Crystal Saga published at last!

I finally have the complete 'Atlantean Crystal Saga' up on Amazon ready for Pre-order.
Book. 1, Crystal Warrior, is the revamped version of 'Through All Eternity', which was my first ever attempt at publishing 3 years ago. Hopefully, I've learnt a bit since then but mostly I am happy to have it published under the title it had from inception.
Book. 2, Crystal Dancer, has not been published before. 

Both are Past Life Travel/Erotic Romances. (Past Life travel works like Time Travel). They start and end in modern times with the characters re-living an ancient lifetime which has enormous relevance for who they are today.
These stories will transport you to places you might never have imagined you'd visit - the end times of Atlantis in Bk.1. and the time of the great Biblical Flood in Bk.2. Together they are an epic read.
'Who are we really?' Or more to the point perhaps, 'Who have we been?' - And could it affect who we are now?

WARNING! These stories are Erotic Romance and contain                                         Explicit Sex scenes.

Crystal Warrior, Bk.1 in Atlantean Crystal Saga.

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