Thursday, 29 March 2018

Voice Typing for Technophobes! / For 'Phobes not 'Savvies!

If you are a Techno-savvy person of the computer age you might want to skip this blog! It's for the 'Phobes, those of us who flounder about in the dark most of the time until something MOMENTOUS happens and we find a light switch!!! Each such event is quite stupendous, which I imagine would only make the 'Savvies shake their heads in wonderment.
However, if you belong to the 'Phobe brigade - follow me - to a light switch!

Caroline, my critique partner and I, discovered something MOMENTOUS yesterday! Her teenage son had been doing something on her phone and went into Google Docs and was voice typing. So Caroline began wondering if we could find it on our computers!! OMG! Go to the Google Icon that you go to for Google Maps >.>.>.>.>....
  Scroll down  to the 'Docs' icon. You might need to go down into 'More' to find it.
We thought you had to buy a special programme to do this! 

I have now dragged that icon to the top of the list right by Google Maps!!!  
Open a blank page ( no doubt you can do it with other stuff on there but this is easiest). 
Go to Tools on the Tool Bar and scroll down to 'Voice typing'.

A black microphone appears on left of screen. Click on it to turn it red and start talking! Speak clearly. 
I haven't done a lot with it yet but you can tell it 'full stop' ,  'new line' etc and no doubt I will discover how to do all punctuation. !  

Now I can READ my handwritten stuff to the computer instead of having to type it all! 
THEN, go to File, scroll down to 'Download as',   to save it as 'Microsoft .docx' !!!! You can also Share it via email! 
I write most of my first drafts by hand and I'm hopping with excitement!

It recognized my voice right off. I didn't have to train it! Though one does need to speak a little slower than normal, and clearly. It doesn't recognize some words and will substitute others.  Regular usage might help here - I'm hoping. But one just needs to read through and edit later!

Having a play with it just before going to bed, I discovered it is also predictive! Or, in the scary way of computers, more switched on to my way of writing than I like to think about!
I said, 'The Earl of Windermere never ...set foot...'
While I was trying to think what else I might say, the computer wrote, 'The Earl of Windermere never...had sex...with you...'
Just as well really, because his problem would probably have earned him a biff round the ears from me!!! Jassie, on the other hand, loved the damned man, unconditionally!

'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife' is now available in print as well as ebook.  
Go here for the ebook:-
Go here for the print version:-

Controversial Sexy Regency. Love him/hate him, the Earl stirs you. Is Jassies love strong enough?

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