Sunday, 10 March 2019

Keeping It Simple

Like most things, IT stuff gets easier the more you use it. I'm reasonably certain one of my first blogs was about being a Technophobe and in true TP fashion, I now can't find it. I probably deleted it when I wrote the post titled 'Techno-Phobia Be Gone'  (13th Oct 2015), thinking it was time to get positive about this thing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
It's taken a while! Almost 4 years since I wrote the one above and even longer since that original wail about all things techno. I had a habit of trying something, feeling all gung-ho because I was going to CRUNCH it, but it wouldn't be long before I was so frustrated I'd toss it aside and find someone to do it for me.
For someone whose childhood chant was 'I can do it myself', I can't believe it took me so long. Finally, I've learned a few things which seem to be working for me.
 - Baby steps. Don't get hung up on the whole project and the fact you want it done in a day. (Actually, I've always preferred things done yesterday. Could be part of the problem. :) Learn one thing at a time and keep it.
- There are many varied ways to do most things on a computer, even working with basic programmes. Usually, they are simpler, easier to follow - and much slower. But since I don't have a modern, fast, computer-oriented brain that is perfect for me.
- There is nothing like a good friend who knows stuff and is willing to share their expertise - patiently! Thanks, Lyn Rasmussen.
- Keep it simple. I'm talking about book covers here. They don't have to be elaborate compilations of all the elements in the whole damn story! They just need to convey genre. At a glance, they should scream Historical/Sci-Fi/Horror/ Mystery/Romance, so a reader knows at a glance whether it's the genre they're looking for.
So, I'm feeling pretty chuffed as I've finally changed the cover on a book that's been bothering me for ages and I'm pretty happy with it. See 'The Virgin Widow' above.

 A few weeks ago I also updated the covers on the 3 contemporaries. Hopefully, they look somewhat more enticing than they did before.

Now I'm working on re-doing the covers for the Crystal Series and getting those 2 books back on my Amazon bookshelf too. I think I've nailed 'Crystal Warrior' with some help from Lyn.

And of course, I've just made a heap more work for myself. There will need to be changes made to my website, my FB page and probably a few other things I haven't thought of yet!
At least boredom won't be a problem!
And then, of course, this jolly thing won't download tidily when I publish it!
Yeah, I hear you. Just keeping me humble!

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