Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dawn Latreia

The Atlanteans understood that they and their world were powered by 'energy' and that it was their responsibility to keep that energy strong and healthy and flowing into the Earth grid.
Perhaps I should qualify that and say some Atlanteans understood this. Those who studied the Temple Mysteries and practised the old ways worked hard to maintain the flow of energy. But just like today, there were those who were seduced away from the healthy, `energetic' ways by power, greed, pride and lust.
Part of the old ways was the practice of Dawn Latreia.
In Fyr Poseidyr, capital city of the Province of Poseidonia, seat of the Paramount King, there were twelve hills. On each in ancient times were built a circle of twelve stone pillars, tall and pointed and know as the Needles. They were numbered - 1st, 2nd etc.
The Needles were places of power and each morning at dawn a priestess from the temple climbed to the Needles, entered a state of trance and danced naked while singing the morning hymn of praise and awakening to the pantheon of gods, great God Ra, Goddess Ist and God Asar.
It was an integral part of daily Atlantean ritual though the performing of it varied from province to province. And once again I must reiterate, this is how it came to me. I make no claims to being an expert on the subject! But I do believe their understanding and use of natural universal energy was way beyond anything we understand today.

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