Friday, 2 November 2012

The Secret Life of a Writer: Crystal Power in Atlantis

The Secret Life of a Writer: Crystal Power in Atlantis: I believe they had electricity in Atlantean times but the source of it was crystals; vast man made towers of pure quartz crystal that could ...


  1. Jen
    My father always thought the Atlanteans also learned to harness magnetic power and generated a lot of electricity through polarisations...something modern man is just beginning to experiment with.
    We sure live in exciting times. And I love your blog.

    1. Thanks again Shirl! In a piece that was cut out of the final ms (I think) there was mention of a hairdrier. The Atlantean word was `alofoda'. That has stayed in my mind for some reason! All I know is they had gadgets much like we do today and they were crystal powered. But I have no idea of the mechanics! You inspire me to write about more stuff I `know'!!