Monday, 21 January 2019

5* Reviews for 'Lords of the matrix Club' series.

I love the characters who come to life in my books and the wonderful stories they share with me.
But the pearl is when my readers love them too. Am so very grateful.
Here are three reviews written for the last book in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series, but encompassing all four.
"She is wonderful creating different men and women for each book yet equally relatable and unique. The emotional and passionate scenarios are so clearly written you wonder if maybe she is speaking from experience. Anyways all four books are amazing but this fourth and last was my favorite."
"I absolutely loved reading every book in this seriesI couldn't put the books down. You are a true star!!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Lords of the Matrix Club series. The plots are extremely intriguing and all the characters are quite engaging. The relationships between the cousins add a layer of depth to the series. I look forward to future books."
Feeling blessed.
Next? The "Ladies of Stannesford" series. It's not coming as fast as I would like but I'm getting back into the flow now Christmas and New Year holidays are behind us.
Stannesford is a fictional village in Oxfordshire and the heroines and some of the heroes grew up on the five large estates surrounding the village.
Here's part of what's taking so long! I am visual apparently and need to be able to see things - and the details kept popping in!
I'm no artist - but you get the idea!

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