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Up-Date on 'The Virgin Widow' (see 'Secrets' 14.6.2017)

'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is available for pre-order now.
It will download to your Kindle on 8th August - giving me time to check those last edits.
Here is the link:
If you read Bk.2. 'The Perfect Duchess' and fell in love with that scoundrel, the Great Bax, 'The Virgin Widow' is his story.

Of Writing - And Reviews

I'm not a prolific blogger, probably because I'd much rather be writing about the fictitious characters in my head who become so real their stories just have to be told.
Like 'The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife.'
Book.1. in the 'Lords of the Matrix Club, series. 
(It's FREE at the moment. Last day today so if you hurry you could still get lucky!)
I became very involved with the main characters in this story and put a lot of thought into solving their dilemma. It has become one of those stories readers either love or hate as can be seen from the reviews - and I totally understand both points of view. After all the H hated himself for most of the story! 
Of course, the reviews close to my heart are those who understand the era and its limitations, (no psychotherapists etc!) who also believe in the power of love and understand the strength required not to give in at the first hurdle.

This latest review is one of those and I felt the desire to share. Because I'm grateful someone else understood my characters like I did - and cared enough to share their thoughts.

Customer Review

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not for the faint of heartJuly 16, 2017
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Earl of Windermere Takes a Wife (Lords of the Matrix Club Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Good Lord, I read a lot of books, but never have I read one like this. I see a lot of poor reviews but I think that’s because this book is so well written and compelling you can’t help but hate the H at times. I became immersed in the characters and wondered how it could possibly be resolved in an age of so little knowledge of mental health issues. If you like your historical romances sweet, clean, and tidy, this read isn’t for you. If you like your romances with twists and turns and don't mind shocking and at times upsetting novels with a fierce love between characters and well edited, then try this one out. No cliffhanger. Now I’m off to purchase the Duke’s story, “The Perfect Duchess”. Loved his character!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I love my writer's life, but SOMETIMES I wish I'd make it easier on myself. I write long books, finished length 100,000 words, so they take a while. And then a bit longer because I always over-write and then have to edit, which I consider a good thing as it tightens the writing.
This is the stage I'm at with Bk.3. in 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series. I wrote 'The End' for 'The Virgin Widow' at almost 118,000 words. Only 18,000 to trim!
This morning I've got it down to under 5000 and starting to really have to work at it, but still know I will do it.
Was thinking about it in the shower, getting a little bit excited for 'The End' is truly in sight, when a sneaky little voice in the back of my mind started questioning the motivation for a major plot point.
In zero seconds flat the whole scenario was crystal clear - and I have some re-writing to do...
Have you noticed what an inspirational place the shower is?
It is coming, peeps! I promise those of you hanging out for the Great Bax's story, it is nearly there.
The lovely scoundrel discovers he's lived his whole life a victim of secrets. Several!
Guess he just turned the tables on me. So glad this particular secret was revealed - to me - before I published it!
Here's a sneak-peek at the cover.

Monday, 10 April 2017

'Fred Dagg', a NZ icon has died. His humour was Kiwi through and through and he has left us with some colloquialisms all our own! 'the Trevs' meaning the guys/blokes/fellows etc - many of whom are called Trev, I guess!
And he made gumboots a national icon, for sure. In UK they're called wellingtons/wellies, I think. In NZ they're called gumboots because they were essential wear in the gumfields of Northland in the 1800's when the gumdiggers hunted for kauri gum in the swamps where the ancient trees had fallen.
Gumboots are also a fact of farming life and NZ is all about farming so you will find a line of gumboots at most people's backdoors!
Fred Dagg (true name John Clarke) recorded the Gumboot Song, which I think became much better known even than the National Anthem. Link below.
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Fred Dagg:-Fred Dagg is a fictional character from New Zealand created and acted on stage, film and television by satirist John Clarke. Clarke graced New Zealand TV screens as Dagg during the mid to late 1970s, "taking the piss" out of the post-pioneering Kiwi bloke and "blokesses". The Fred Dagg character is a stereotypical farmer and New Zealand bloke: Clad in a black singlet and gumboots, hailing from the isolated rural town of Taihape, and attended by numerous associates (or sons) all named "Trev". One memorable expression was uttered whenever there was a knock at the door: "That'll be the door."When Clarke first unveiled the character of Fred Dagg in recordings and on New Zealand TV in 1975, he became a national star. Clarke also recorded a series of records and cassettes as Dagg, as well as publishing several books.
In 1979, Clarke moved from New Zealand to Australia, where he went on to establish himself as a top script writer and personality. He appeared regularly on Australian television delivering political satire sketches with actor comedian Bryan Dawe until his death in April 2017.[1]
Image result for taihape gumboot sculpture
Corrugated iron gumboot sculpture in Taihape.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Saga, For Sure.

Crystal Warrior and Crystal Dancer are two books very close to my heart. I've blogged about them before.

They were begun at a time in my life when health issues forced a change of pace and direction. The writing of these books spanned a period of 15 years and a total metamorphosis of my belief system along with my view of the Universe and my place in it.

I suppose I should not be surprised the Saga goes on! The stories were based around cataclysmic world disasters, the destruction of Atlantis and Noah's Great Flood. Everyone died at the end. Seriously not romantic!

And as an author, I am all about romance and happy endings! In order to give Hero & Heroine in both stories their happy endings, I reincarnated them into 1998CE and turned the two books into what I call Past Life Travel - as opposed to Time Travel.

They became Sagas indeed, of over 300,000 words each! No traditional publisher would touch them and Indie publishing wasn't an option back then. Not to mention, the author was a technophobe.

So, not only did those books take me on a spiritual journey, they took me on a learning journey of both writing and Information Technology skills that was equally startling; from writing on an electric typewriter - amazingly advanced for one who wrote their first book on a portable Olivetti! - because computers were terrifying, to self-publishing my books on multiple platforms, and tackling Social Media with all its wonders and pitfalls.

With each new process I need to learn, I still dither, struggle and procrastinate, get sick to my stomach and close the computer to face that particular leap of faith tomorrow. But eventually, I dare, and then discover it was pretty straightforward after all!

Back to the Sagas - see how easy it was for me to write books of over 300,000 words? -
First I did an intensive edit and cut them down to just over 200,000 words each. Still too big for conventional publishers to take a punt on an unpublished author.

By the time I came to try publishing them myself about 2012, another NZ author had recently used the title, Crystal Warrior. So the 1st edition of Bk.1. became 'Through All Eternity', which never sat right with me. It was always Crystal Warrior in my heart.

The 2nd edition therefore - with a new cover - was Crystal Warrior, and the 1st edition of Crystal Dancer was published soon after. Yet, somehow not many readers were drawn to these two books, although the few who did and left me a review, rated them highly.
These reviews may be read on my website, .

Recently I attended a seminar with Joanna Penn of the 'Creative Penn' on 'How to Make a Living with your Writing' and I learned a heap more about being an Indie (independently published) author.
As a result, Crystal Warrior and Crystal Dancer are being recreated as a series of 4 books each, with each book being around 60,000 words. I had always thought that as each was one story, they could not be divided into two or more!
But when I allowed myself to do the math - divide the total word count of each book by 4 and see where they ended, I was astonished to discover that somewhere around the end of each 1/4 was a perfect ending!
The new formatting and covers for Crystal Dancer Saga are still to be completed but Crystal Warrior Saga is ready to go.

The 4 books of each Saga still need to be read in sequence, but are now in more manageable bites. I've also stepped into a new phase and published Bk.1. on multiple platforms. Will wait and see whether this is worthwhile before doing the same with the others. It's all a learning curve.

Meantime, I'm busy writing 'The Virgin Widow', Bk.3. in my sexy regency series, Lords of the Matrix Club. If you would like to be informed when I have a new book out, please send an email to . This will entitle you to a free .pdf of the short sequel to 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series, entitled 'The Townville Legacy-A Darkness in the Blood', or a sexy contemporary novella, 'The Winning Hand'. Please indicate which you would prefer.

Links to the New Releases:-
FORBIDDEN, Bk.1. in Crystal Warrior Saga is available at  &

 FORSAKEN, Bk.2. in Crystal Warrior Saga is available for pre-order (goes live on 28th April) at
FORSWORN, Bk.3 in Crystal Warrior Saga is available for pre-order (goes live on 28th May) at
FORGIVEN, Bk.4. in Crystal Warrior Saga will be available for pre-order at end of April, planned to go live on 28th June.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

1st Review for 'The Perfect Duchess'

Reviews are so important to an author but I have great difficulty soliciting them. But when they just appear on my book's page on Amazon, I am very happy.
When they're 5 star reviews, I'm ecstatic! I can't begin to explain the joy I feel when readers love my characters as much as I do! Sharing it here - and a big thank you to the reviewer. You know who you are. So I'd better get back to the wicked Bax and give him something he doesn't think he's looking for! I love Regency Heroes!

on February 18, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Perfect Duchess

'The Perfect Duchess' the second book in my 'Lords of the Matrix Club' series is almost here! It has been available on pre-order for two weeks and goes live on 15th Feb - today in NZ but probably tomorrow in Amazon-Land! So technically it won't go live until tomorrow or tonight sometime, I guess!
I like to have model visuals for my hero and heroine when I start a new story. I guess it helps to make them more real for me. So I go trawling on the internet for images with the required characteristics. Lady Sherida Dearing - who becomes the perfect duchess - is a silver blonde with brown eyes. Katherine Heigl was the obvious choice.
I've wavered a bit with the Duke of Wolverton, however. I have a clear vision of him in my mind and both Clark Gable and David Gandy come close. In the end, I settled for a combination of Gable's class act with the edgy masculinity of Gandy.
Am very excited that my characters are making their debut in the real world (of fiction!) beyond my imagination.
You can find 'The Perfect Duchess' on Amazon -

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