Saturday, 27 October 2012

Atlantis - my Reality

In the writing of `Through All Eternity'  (B009MFQUBC ) I delved into the works of many diverse authors, soaking up snippets that took my fancy and wove them into my version of Atlantis during the 10 years before its demise. I make no claims that I have portrayed Atlantis exactly as it was. I went with my own gut instinct, which is most likely as individual as my thumbprint, and allowed my dreams to become my reality. Yes, dreams too - so many strands went into the weaving of the whole.

(Note to Readers! Your reality may be quite different, as individual as your thumbprint! Neither is necessarily right or wrong. To each of us our reality is our truth.)

I will present some of those snippets which resonated with me at the time (back in 1998 when I was inspired to begin) - I know they resonated because they're highlighted in the books that still line one shelf in my library long after my questing into them is done.

In this post – I take a look at some writings from Lewis Spence in 'The Occult Sciences in Atlantis'. (published in 1978)

This work greatly influenced my understanding of the Temples and the `mysteries' studied there and it is from this work that I took the approximate date of the disappearance of the great continent; 9600BC. Spence states that Atlantis was still in the Stone Age though it did have use of the metals gold, silver, tin, brass, and the 'native orichaculm'. (This last no longer exists.) He surmises that the use of these metals "lapsed for several thousands of years because of the overthrow of scientific knowledge which followed the disappearance of the island." He goes on to present information by which he sets out to prove "that the entire legendary and traditional evidence appears to point to Atlantis as the original matrix of Alchemical lore and practice in its most primitive form."


Atlantis never felt to me to be typical of what I think the ‘Stone Age’ was, though since it falls into the Stone Age era that is what we call it. They had technology and skills as sophisticated and more than we have today. They had ‘crystal power’ which was everything to them that electricity and nuclear power are to us today. And the development of their mental and mystical powers were beyond what all but a very few ever attain in our time.

Atlantis, reality or myth, will probably always be an unsolved riddle, as its existence is so far back in time it cannot be proved either way. No doubt it will continue to exercise the human mind because the energetic seed of it exists still in our soul memories and cannot entirely be dislodged or ignored.

It’s rather interesting to say the word, ATLANTIS, focus on it and see where your mind takes you.

What does your gut tell you? Myth or reality?

Which could lead to a whole other discussion - "Is not 'myth' simply 'reality shrouded by the mists of time"? :-))

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