Monday, 22 October 2012

The 'Sisterhood'.

Is it a coincidence that all my closest friends are writers? Probably not, since writing is my life. It often makes me smile with gratitude when I think on the wonderful 'Sisterhood' I have acquired through a mutual passion for the written word. Today I'm going to a seminar for NaNoWriMo with two of them and we are meeting three others for lunch in beautiful Rotorua before the seminar. No prizes for guessing what most of the conversation will be about. And it's highly likely at least one out of the three of us travelling together will solve a plot point during the journey. We're good like that!
Thank you for my life.


  1. Jen

    This is fantastical. I've been editing all day and have just gotten around to checking a squillian emails.
    Love your blog

  2. Yeah - emails, blog, twitter! Oh and FB! But I did get a bit of writing in there this morning too! Thanks for the comment "Oh One of the Sisterhood'!! :-))