Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Interpreting Dreams

What's your best 'dreamtime'? Mine is often when I've dropped off back to sleep after Pete gets up. I will wake again with a dream still very vivid in my consciousness. These dreams usually feel important so I write them down and then think about them. This morning's dream showed me the final scenes of Crystal Dancer, Book 2 in the Atalantean/Crystal Series.
There are many books that give arbitrary definitions of dream symbols but I believe each individual dreams their own symbols and should rely on their own intuition and inner knowing to interpret their dreams - if interpretation is important. (I'm sure sometimes our dreams are just to be wondered at!)
Dreams can be an invaluable tool for a writer. In this morning's dream I watched a young man, whose body was crippled and ugly, sing with such angelic, otherworldly sweetness his listener was reduced to tears that were wrenched up from a deep gut level.
Hugh and Riki in Crystal Dancer are both emotionally crippled in very different ways which prevents them from being together for several years even though their love for one another is real and expressed. Once Hugh finds and understands himself, how can he break through the impermeable crystalline protective shell with which Riki has surrounded herself?
I was beginning to think he would never do it! But now I have my answer.
Thank you to the Angel Guides who paint my dreams.

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