Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Power of Words.
What comes first, the thought or the word? The bible tells us that 'in the beginning there was the Word'. I have also read somewhere that any creation starts with a Thought. I have often contemplated the randomness of inspiration and how it can be sparked by a chance word spoken or overheard or read somewhere.
The Word provokes Thought, and Thought inspires Creation.
The First Insight in James Redfield's  'The Celestine Prophecy' states that 'nothing is a coincidence'.  In other words, there is nothing random about Word, Thought or inspired Creation. All is part of a Divine Plan.
It is amazing to consider that before any creation, however great or small, there had to be a word - the seed; evoking a thought - the germination; which led to the growth of the creation - the plant.
What word sparked the creation of the pyramids, the space shuttle, the Tower of Babel, the Sphinx?
What word inspired early church fathers to collect the stories of creation and Jesus and put them together to form the bible? What word inspired Charles Dickens, Walter Scott, Jane Austen? What fired the thought processes that led them to create their great works of fiction. We probably will never know now.
I make no claims to being a great writer (though hope srpings eternal!!) but I am often amazed at what elaborate stories can spring from a simple statement or question.
Back in 1998 my daughter, Velani, asked me just such a question - "Do you believe in Atlantis, mum?"
At the time I couldn't answer. But it started me on a quest that has led to the writing of a book which might be more properly called a 'tome', and the planning of several more to follow.
I now definitely believe Atlantis once existed. I acquired a library of books on the subject which expound countless theories of where, why and how and then came up with my own reality.
As a writer does!
"Through All Eternity' is the first book in the series. It's romantica, past life/time travel, paranormal, sexy - and did I say romance?
It's a journey through all eternity.

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