Friday, 26 October 2012

Here is the FOREWORD from 'Through All Eternity' - available at

According to Plato, Poseidon, God of the Sea and his mortal wife Cleito, who settled in Atlantis at the beginning of its history, had five sets of male twins. Poseidon divided the land among his ten sons so each was King in his own province but Atlas and his successors were always known as the paramount Kings of Atlantis.
The portrayal of Atlantis in `Through All Eternity' is the outcome of extensive reading on the subject. For a place believed by the majority to be merely a myth, it has inspired an incredible number of books, both investigative and fictional. Having read many diverse facts, beliefs, and theories on the existence or otherwise of Atlantis, I then delved into my own inner knowing, sourced information from my own soul memories (some would call this imagination) and created Taur and Gynevra's world.
Over thousands of millennia the face of the land changed and the people of Atlantis passed through many eras of prosperity and many more of terrible devastation. The ancient part of the story takes place at the end times of the last era of Atlantis.
It has been said by many that Atlantis was destroyed by the mis-use of power and the exploitation of crystal energy in ignorance of what the energy really was, or could do—much like modern man exploits nuclear power today.
But I say to you, what destroyed Atlantis was lack of love—love of man for woman, Man for Man, and Man for the Universe.
How far have we come in 11,000 years?

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