Monday, 22 October 2012

Excerpts from "Through All Eternity" by Jen Yates

Who the hell was this woman who'd walked into his soul with the ease of someone walking into a garden, but who fit there with the comfort of a damned thorn bush? Who was Jenna Hackville and why did she disturb him so?

His body thrummed as if with the memory of a shared physically intimate knowledge and a burning need to renew that knowledge, while his mind reverberated with the gut-deep certainty of treachery.A treachery which nevertheless, wouldn't prevent their bodies from melding and exploding together with cataclysmic and volcanic force should she make one positive move in his direction. Torr had the harsh conviction the civilisation he'd always thought an integral part of his psyche was but a flimsy veneer, stretched to its thinnest, over a barbaric brigand lurking beneath. There was no doubt he was losing his mind.

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