Thursday, 25 October 2012

I love small town New Zealand! All small towns possess many similar features but the best (and sometimes the worst!) is that most everyone who lives there knows most everyone esle who lives there! There are times of course, when we wish that wasn't so, but there are other times when it's the best - like having a massive family.
Piopio, the small town where I live, has a wonderful cafe - Fat Pigeon, which any Piopio-ite will tell you is the best in all of NZ! It definitely gets my vote. I drink  a moccachino made with soy milk, white chocolate, and a single shot of coffee (now affectionately known as a 'woccachino'!) and the staff had all memorised it and would often start making it as I walked in the door. (I like my daily fix!)  But now they have a special button on the till with my name on it! How cool does that make me feel? Think I'll go down and check it out! What sort of coffee do I want? I'll have a 'Jenny's' thanks! Now you all know what to order when you pass Fat Pigeon on your way to visit! :-))

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